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Please send us your article and we can use some from our photo bank. Say everything that you need to say to write the best possible article. If it reads well and gets all the necessary points across, it’s the right length. If we think that your writing shows potential, and things are going swell between us, there may be the opportunity to become a regular paid writer for The Backpacker Network.


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So, you may write for us on travel, tourism, adventure, wanderlust and vacations about first-hand and real experiences too. Travel Write for Us –It provides a good opportunity for bloggers to submit guest posts on our website. We frequently highlight and tend to showcase guest writers on our Tour & Travel blog. Well, then here is a chance to submit your story as a guest post on travelunveiled.com. We are accepting guest post with unique and original content to share with our readers. However all guest articles will be reviewed before being published to ensure that the content is original and is not a copy from across the web.

Due to the volume of guest post requests we receive, there may be a waiting period. Any blog post idea that is helpful for all types of travelers is welcome. If you want to write for us, please familiarise yourself with our website. Your article is much more likely to get published if you understand what we do and who our audience is. An opportunity to become a featured writer who has published work on the internet. You can send your article, and if we think it will be interesting to our readers, then we will have this feature!

Help other travellers plan the perfect route around a country, city or region. Aim to save readers money, fuel and time whilst showing them places they might have missed out on otherwise. You can submit up to three proposals, just be sure to fill out separate forms for each new idea. Please note, idea-approval doesn’t automatically result in a published piece on the website. A backlink to your website or blog that attracts readers and increases traffic to boost credibility.

We will review your Guest Post for the above-mentioned quality guideline and will approve it within 24 hours. Blog content should be in the English language, unique, and well written. You have been successfully added to the mailing list of Times of India Travel.

We will NOT publish your pre-written post, even if you pay us. Do not ask us what our rates are, they do not exist because we don’t do that . Don’t bother emailing us either – you will not get a response from us, and we will send your email to spam where it belongs.

For guest posting, you can include two links to your site and include an author’s bio. Please email me with 3-5 suggested topics beforehand. You can fill out our contact form located at the bottom of the page to submit your topics. WELLINGTON WORLD TRAVELSaccepts guest posts from travelers, bloggers, and storytellers. Whether you are a solo backpacker, a couple, or a family, we welcome you!

We may add recommendations based on what we know is the best fit for our readers, and we may do so at any time – even after publishing your post. If that’s a deal-breaker, unfortunately, this opportunity may not be for you. For a guest article you submit for us to publish, the sole credit will be given to you. With a name at the top of the article, you can also share your photo to be added alongside you name. Please see our information on advertising and sponsored posts. When you submit your article please attach a few original photos so that we can get a feel for your article overall.

The phrase “truly something for everyone.” Don’t tell us how your destination is for everyone. Tell us how it’s perfect for OUR READERS specifically. Winter guides for major cities, national parks, and skiing destinations. We’re looking for detailed round-ups for winter destinations that have cold weather activities, with specific tips based on personal experience. Here’s a winter city example, and here’s a National Park / skiing example and another one.

Please send 4-5 images for all sub-topics , all images should be copyright-free. Article Must be about travel-related only and should be between 1000 words and 100% unique – Include 6-8 relevant tags separately at the bottom of the article. We prefer articles that are between 2,000 and 2,500 words in length, but we will consider articles that are shorter or longer if they offer something truly unique and valuable to our readers. All articles must be 100% original and exclusive to our site.

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