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If you have published this article elsewhere, don’t bother submitting it here – we check Copyscapeand Google before we publish!. Read our guest post guidelines to contributors, prepare your guest post accordingly, and send high-quality contributions. It will help you to reach more viewers on the world wide web. Add Fill bio, photo, social links and provide other details as asked on our website. Save details and now you are ready to guest post on our website. A signed transfer of copyright is required from the author.

If you have been researching and developing new age technologies, entrepreneurs can Write For US Technology Business related articles. However, we restrict promotional and hardcore sales articles. Your articles should be informative and engaging with innovative ideas for our audience. Technology Business Write For US articles should be explanatory. It should also help build value and help our readers gain knowledge.

Once the article is published, Codiga will reference the article on its social media profiles and its newsletter. We look forward to original, unique, relevant, and well-written content. If you have published an article elsewhere, please do not send it to us. You’ve arrived at the right spot for guest post guidelines to present your thoughts on the business side and craft of writing freelance.

Please include the draft and a link to your social media profile. A website’s Domain Rating is also a significant component in determining its worth. As a result, maintaining a high domain authority is necessary. You may immediately boost the domain rating factor by writing guest posts on authority blogs like ours.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Pick the subject or topic which is in trending and which matches the type of stuff we publish. Write error-free, plagiarism-free and well-structured post.

There are various blogging ideas through that you can enhance your writing skills. Don’t be disrupted or worried if in beginning you can’t find any place or blogging platform to submit your content or article. Guest posting also known as guest blogging means as the name suggests, here you write and submit articles to other’s websites related to your field to increase your audience. We accept all tech related, tech bizz and tech innovation articles. You can Write For Us Technology content which helps you reach the right audience. Additionally, you can share your profile for our readers to know you more.

​The images or graphs you attach must not be copyright protected. You can also mention sources for ease of the editor. You can not publish it on some other weblog web page or your website.

Linode is a VPS host that offers up to $300 for technical tutorials relating to Linux. WonderProxy focuses on automated testing and pays up to $500 for technical tutorials in this area. Digital Ocean pays writers $300 to write about Python or JavaScript projects or to write tutorials showing how to install and use software . After addressing our comments, send us an updated draft. You can always contact us for any clarification if needed. Unnatural outbound links will be removed without prior notice.

We would also require a link from your website to our own with relative anchor text. We strongly believe that formulating great content is the key to success by opening numerous marketing opportunities for everyone. Once your article is selected for publication, our editorial team will work with you to make any necessary edits or revisions. We can also make changes to improve readability or to make the article more user-friendly.

Many experts agree that guest blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the Internet. Most of the published content on our website ranks on top. So if post-quality content has decent search volume then you can expect regular traffic from it. You may boost the value of your blog while simultaneously increasing web traffic. We would like to publish your series of guest blog posts on VOCSO. But relevancy and quality content will matter again.

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