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Writers can email their story pitches to Learn more about them here. Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.09 per word. OC87 Recovery Diaries is an interactive website which features stories on mental health recovery, empowerment and change. They feature stories that inspire others and generate discussion and awareness.

Use the seven days of prompts to write about what has gone well and the strengths that may have played a role in the successful outcome. Personal strengths can be reinforced and developed through attending to them and exploring the ways in which one has used them in real, everyday life. Losing someone special from our lives is one of the most distressing human experiences. Journaling through grief allows the individual to step back and reflect on what they have been going through from multiple perspectives. Create and express what you want from life and how you feel. There are no rules, and there is no wrong way of doing this.

• Look at our top issues above and our blogs before submitting, to consider if your work fits with what we already have. Not only is it a chance to reach a new audience but the writing process itself is a chance to clarify my core messages and materials. Knowing my words are in the hands of people who really care about the work they put out into the world makes the collaboration process all the more precious. If you would like to submit an article on your recovery journey – how you navigated your way through a difficult period in your life so that it may help others going through a similar situation, please email

We will aim to reply to you within a couple of days but it can sometimes take us 1-3 weeks to respond to you after your article submission. Please understand it can take up to a month to process your application due to the number of applications we receive. In addition, if your application is approved and you accept a position with us, we ask that you commit to the blog for at least one year. We appreciate your time and interest and look forward to hearing from you.


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A 2022 paper highlighted the ability of journaling to support the recovery of women in residential treatment for substance use disorders. As with anxiety, such interventions also appeared more effective when lasting longer than 30 days. While benefits may not be as great as for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder , journaling still appears to be a valuable intervention (Sohal et al., 2022). In fact, studies show that time spent journaling about our deepest thoughts and feelings can even reduce the number of sick days we take off work (Sohal, Singh, Dhillon & Gill, 2022). Depression is a serious condition that needs treatment. If you think you may have it, it’s important to see a doctor or mental health professional.

A jailed Ferguson protester and a former police officer can reveal things about the state of police-community relations that reporters will never see. But mental health is a broad subject, so consider not only what you’d like to write more of in the future, but what niche publications your article idea would best be suited for. Contributing to A Lust for Life has been both rewarding and uplifting for me personally and professionally. I’ve made wonderful connections with people who have the same mindset when it comes to mental health awareness.

• Please make sure the blog is in final version form with no grammatical errors, misspellings, run-ons, etc. It’s a beautiful coffee table book full of heart-warming reflections and fondness for our little country – a thoughtful Christmas gift for someone in your life! We’re going to send a copy of the book as a big THANK YOU to the first 100 people who donate €50 or more to A Lust For Life. Email in your photos and your Instagram handle to and spread the word. Send us images you have taken or created that offer you comfort, solace, and calmness.

If you already have an article written, no problem! Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot reply to every email. If you follow the above guidelines and your topic is unique, there’s a good chance we will publish it. You must be adept at doing compelling videos . All bloggers are required to do at least one video blog post a month.

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