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Gifts for Writers: 59 Ideas That Are Better Than a Boring Old Notebook

We don’t want to end up like those turmoiled writers. Editor reserves rights to remove, edit links and content. Unique ideas and content would be given higher priority; you can submit more than one content to reduce the risk of duplicity. Consider the occasion.Why are you giving a gift in the first place? Is it for a special occasion like a birthday gift or during the holiday season?


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Who says you need to be in Fiji to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in a hammock with your favourite book. This hammock can be placed on the veranda or back garden and because it’s free-standing making it non-destructive and versatile. The first thing that often comes to mind is a notebook, a moleskine, the latest novel, or another writing pad.

If you’ve got bullet points of potential article titles, write those articles out. Join to save products, recipient profiles, and get sent gift ideas for them before their birthday and Christmas. If I like your suggestions, I will approve one and send you a GDoc with the nitty gritty details on how to submit a guest post. That will include formatting, what you can include for links and how to get the post to me. P.S. If you love this wine gift idea, you might also want to check out my boozy and bubbly lovers’ gift guide here .

It’s also full of clever illustrations and commentary, bar snack recipes and drinking game ideas. Livescribe Smartpen, which saves notes and audio recordings directly to your computer. Book pillow is the perfect way to get comfy in bed. Edgar Allen Poe air freshener is perfect for a self-proclaimed literary nerd.

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