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If you a passionate gaming blog writer and are looking for a platform that you can use for posting up your guest post, this page will serve you with the best. Gaming Debugged is a gaming blog covering mainstream and indie gaming as well digging deep into the world of game design and game development. I also share gaming news and comment from across the games industry. Covers computer gaming, lifestyle, and pop culture. Ogrezine is a PDF magazine that is published by Steve Jackson Games in Austin, Texas, United States. The magazine is “devoted to the game of Ogre in its many forms.” They are looking for anything related to Ogre that their readers might find interesting.


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There’s even a publisher of “interactive text-based games” listed here. As mentioned, there are no ridiculous quotas to meet – you don’t need to write an article or review every day, every week, or even every month. GrownGaming is always looking for talented writers to join the family – and we only expect you to write about what you enjoy. Whether you like writing opinion pieces, covering the latest breaking news stories, putting together helpful tips and guides, or writing informative reviews, we have the platform for you. Our blog is mainly known for serving unique and high-quality content.

However, Our user-friendly blogs include additional SEO information. Our blog administrators devote their time to managing various areas of the blog. We will be able to reach a large number of potential consumers all around the world as you create articles for our gaming niche. We do not accept guest post submissions for content that is clearly written with the sole purpose of advertising or promoting a service, product, brand or event. However, as a writer, you are allowed a personal branded link placed in your bio.

Because only in this way, you can create a quality post. We are looking for writers with keen eyes and excellent communication skills to write guides for our audience. A good video game guide should be concise and provide gamers with exactly the information they’re looking for, as well as a reason to keep coming back to us for more info down the road.

Your account will be linked to Gravatar and will pull through your avatar and ‘About Me’ information, which will be displayed on your own author page. In addition, you’ll be invited to the writing team’s Discord, where we talk about games, share article ideas, and free game keys are offered for review. You can see an example of this account type here.

(Links incoming!) We get to put a spotlight on the smaller games we love, and help them reach a broader audience. We’re always looking for new writers to join our freelance pool. If you’re interested in any of the topics that we cover here at The Games Cabin, feel free to drop a pitch for a feature to our editor-in-chief, . So let’s get started and join this wonderful endeavor to make people aware of gaming innovation. We simply wanted to let you know about let’s take full advantage of our amazing site. Today’s generation enjoys both indoor and outdoor games.

Polygon, for example, has been known to pay $300 for an article, whereas many of these publishers pay $50. We want to see your content and what you come up with. Please email us at submissions with your previous writing examples, an idea for an article, and the length of your article. Please show us a previously published writing sample, along with a link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile.

We do, however, want to see content that’s worthy and that our readers will love. Most of our gamers are pretty lax, but they expect to see well-researched and sourced content. If it is an opinion piece, that’s totally up to what you think. Please do not send us sales promotion articles or other content that is not related to the game; please do not submit false product reviews, advertisements, and other types of content.

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